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Hereward College is a general FE college in Coventry providing both day and residential places. It offers inclusive provision with specialist facilities for students with a wide range of learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities. Its key objective is to enable young people to achieve academic and vocational qualifications, and to develop the necessary independence skills to support a successful transition to adulthood and, where possible, employment.

In 2010/11 there were 85 residential students and 317 day students. Approximately 60% of students have significant disabilities and/or learning difficulties and 10% have Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and about 19% are in minority ethnic groups.

Students attend the college on a full or part time basis and can undertake a range of vocational and academic courses from entry level to level 3 qualifications. The greatest number of enrolments are within the subject areas of preparation for life and work; visual, performing arts and media; business studies and information and communication technology; and sports, with the vast majority of learners studying at entry or foundation level. Functional skills are a key component of all courses. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on developing independence skills both within the academic curriculum and as part of the enrichment curriculum.

A range of support services are offered including care enablers, educational enablers, therapists and mentors which support students both within and outside of the classroom with the aim of maximising the potential for independence and developing emotional literacy. Learners are helped to develop their confidence and social skills as well as developing the tools that they need to successfully transition to adult life.

Hereward was assessed by Ofsted in 2010 as a good college with a good capacity to improve and some outstanding features. The comments in the report, including the list below, provide evidence of the positive learner outcomes and benefits achieved:
  •   Young people achieve well, enjoy their studies and are keen to learn
  •   The colleges outstanding partnership arrangements have ensured that students can, and do, access a wide range of opportunities both within Hereward and the local community to increase their independence and self-confidence
  •   Young people develop good leadership and mentoring skills that prepares them well for a more self-sufficient life after college
  •   Young people develop good social and employability skills through a wide range of diverse work and voluntary settings
  •   A wide range of assistive technologies is used very well to remove barriers to learning and to increasing students independence successfully
  •   A tailored curriculum and strong personalised support provide a wide choice and opportunities for students to extend their independence further
  •   Most young people achieve well and gain their qualifications successfully 
  •   Young people increase their autonomy through a structured, individualised programme of specialist and mentor support
  •   Staff at all levels engage very effectively with young people, parents, employers and stakeholders to support improvements in the college and in the region

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