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Monday, 13 May 2013

Celebrating success – Curriculum April 2013

Visual Arts

·         2 students from the visual arts department have designed and implemented an arts competition for all staff and students in the college.  Participants are encouraged to produce a piece of art work and the competition will run as part of the Hereward Festival


·         Staff and students from the department successfully hosted the regional ability counts football tournament at the college on Friday 26th April.  20 Hereward students took part in the event as competitors, organisers, timekeepers, officials (Matt Jarvis referee). 6 other colleges from the region attended the event, which was a huge success.

Performance & Music

·         The Band music competition is gathering pace and students from the music department are busily preparing for the event with independent rehearsals and gig preparation.

·         Students from the dance department are involved in supported an LSIS employability awareness day.  The students will be performing a flash mob dance as part of the day which has been jointly organised by staff and students from Hereward along with other schools and colleges in the region.

·         The Arts Award is up and running for this term which involves 6 students gaining valuable life and employment skills via all arts forms.  This is being led by Zoe Hopkins with a view to being rolled out to more students from September.  The arts award has strengthened our links with key partners such as The Warwick Arts Centre.


·         Employability Stats – 5 students during the month of April have undertaken a successful external work experience placement – Notable Corey Scott had a very successful placement at the Coventry Council House Electoral services.  Corey has received excellent feedback from the placement including a glowing report from an external training company that attended the council house whilst Corey was on placement.

·         To date there have been 37 successful external placements with more planned in the summer term.

·         External placements - S: drive, Allusers, Work experience photographs 2012-13

·         16 students applied and were successful at interview for roles at the forthcoming ‘The Band’ competition.  Students gained valuable employability skills and experiences as part of this process.

Business & ICT

·         The young enterprise group led by Una Moore and Ingrid terry have won 2 awards for their enterprise work this year.  The group attended a regional awards ceremony on Wednesday 24th April at Coventry University.

·         A group of students from the department have won a national competition for their project relating to the money for life scheme.  At the final they were joined by 5 other regional finalists runners up, two representatives from the team have also been invited to London to compete for the UK People’s Prize. – Fantastic achievement

Functional Skills Department

       The online Functional Skills tests have begun and we had a number of passes at Level 1 & 2 for English and Maths. Successful learners this time were: David Williams, Nick Brennan, Martin Bamber, James Batchelor, Nathan Grainger, Timi Sosan, James Stewart, Alex Nemar, Chris Cotton (x2), Oliver Baskaran, Robbie Fleming, Alex Sutton, Cameron Wood, Jacob Jones. Well done everyone!

Entry level programmes

·         Jon Gaulton and James Rowlatt from the Entry level 3 Skills for Working life Horticulture and Floristry course have been offered a day work placement at Ryton Gardens with Andrea Jones who has been teaching the course one day per week. They will be going over to Ryton Gardens on 13th May where they will be designing the growing beds at the entrance to the gardens. This will also give them the opportunity to gain an extra qualification through Ryton Gardens at level 1. This will be a huge achievement for them.

·         Both year one and year two of the skills for working life and independence course will be given work experience at Ryton Gardens for a day again with Andrea and will be building a clay oven. They will be given a day pass for the summer holiday to go back and make pizzas using the oven. Andrea is keen to get the press involved in this as she feels that it has been her most successful project working with the students this year and would like to showcase what the student have been doing. She would like for Siobhan Mason or/and Katie Howell to be involved in the photo shoot.

·         Two entry one learners from the Personal Progress course made it through to gain a position for The Band day. Richard Hines will be working as a catering assistant and Liam Clarke as an MC. This is a huge achievement for them both.

·         On Wednesday 1st May Personal Progress students had a sports morning where they took part in various games which they had been learning and practicing their skills for over the academic year with the physiotherapy department.  All students received a medal for taking part.

·         Personal Progress group 4 went to watch Allen Marston practicing his gymnastics. Students went with Hannah Bradley, Elise McDowell and Rachel Holtom. Students enjoyed the evening and AJ’s parents were really happy to see his peers showing support for him.

·         Josie Shingler, Mouaz Mohammed, Richard Hines and Prasant Patel have been given the opportunity to visit a school and have a look and a go at rebound therapy.

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