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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hereward Celebrates the National Careers Week

National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and opportunities across the UK from 4th - 8th March 2013. The event is run annually in order to encourage education providers to bring together students, career advisers and local employers and provide careers activities.

Students from Hereward will be provided with resources to plan for, find, and pursue employment during the week as the College is aiming to equip it students with the skills and confidence they need to build enduring careers and realise their full potential. 

Hereward will be supported throughout the week by The Employment Support Service (TESS), a service which helps disabled people in obtaining suitable employment and also assists local employers who are willing to provide disabled people with the opportunity to work.

Remploy Recruitment has partnered with Hereward College during the Careers Week and will talk to students about how they can support them in gaining employment once they finish college. The organisation supports people with disabilities to find sustainable employment, in a wide range of roles with mainstream employers. It works closely with local employers in order to make sure that the abilities that employers are looking for are in-line with what disabled people can offer.

Paul Sykes, Development Manager at Remploy said: “We will visit Hereward College to meet with some students and give them a greater idea of Remploy and the ongoing support we offer to help people find and retain sustainable employment. It is great to see Hereward College recognises the importance of employability skills and hopefully this is the start of a closer relationship between Hereward and Remploy”.
Students will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops organised by the college’s Employability and Careers Unit and HR Department, where they will receive CV building and Interview Tips. 

Tilly Absalom, Employability Skills Developer at Hereward College said: Hereward College is proud to have developed strong links with local organisations which in turns allows our students to engage and aspire to a variety of jobs in the workplace.”

According to the Labour Force Survey[1], disabled people remain significantly less likely to be in employment than non-disabled people The College will be working with local businesses over the next couple of months to demonstrate how students with disabilities can be as effective as non-disabled in employment when given the right opportunity. Students from Hereward will also be organising a brunch networking event with local employers on 13th March, focussing on their achievements and how that relates to them becoming more employable. On May 22nd another event will take place where any business who may wish to attend can come along and learn about the myths behind disabilities and hear from large and small organisations that have taken on disabled people and how it has empowered their business.


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