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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hereward College encourages students to achieve and stand up to bullies!

Each year thousands of schools and colleges across the UK take part in the national Anti-Bullying week event. 

This year, students and staff from Hereward College took part in the event by organising and leading activities to raise awareness on issues surrounding bullying. The focus of the event this year was ‘We’re better without bullying’ which aimed to highlight the effects bullying has on achievement.

Deciding that one week wasn’t enough, the PST (Peer Support Team), who are a group of students that help and support other students, organised activities which are based around the theme of ‘Following our dreams, despite what people may say” for the whole month of November. One such activity was the art tile workshop which allowed students to come and paint an image on tiles which reflect their own hopes and dreams. “It was really nice to just put your dreams down on something and know that it is there, waiting for you to achieve it” said Martin Berisford, a student who took part in the activity.

The Peer Support Team also took a lead role in introducing the new anti-bullying policy to students groups in the college."We all should treat each other with respect, they said they would report bullying, and work with staff and students to make it right" said students from the Sisters evening group on the discussion of the new anti-bullying policy.

Other events included a laughter yoga workshop, with laughter having therapeutic and health benefits, it allows students to reduce their stress and laugh with others. Students also wrote certificates of achievements for themselves to help them express pride in their own actions and boost their self- confidence. To close the campaign, the student choir was invited to perform their own rendition of ‘Believe’ by Michelle Cox, which is an inspirational song for young people.

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