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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hereward College goes interactive for prospective students

In the new era of digital publishing, Hereward College is one of the first colleges in the country to take its prospectus to another level, by creating an online, interactive magazine.

The Interactive Prospectus, called iP, has been developed in collaboration with media and design company BFIG Media, in Birmingham, and gives prospective students an unique experience when browsing through a prospectus.

iP is a digital prospectus, through which potential students can establish an initial interaction with the college, learn about the range of courses, apprenticeships and independence programmes at Hereward, and see the specialist facilities and services available for students with diverse and complex support requirements.

The Interactive Magazine features videos of each of the College’s curriculum areas, including Business, ICT, Creative and Media, Physical Education and Skills for Life, its training offering for employers and employees in the Care Sector, as well as films about the college’s specialist support services, the college life for current students and other useful information for new students before enrolling to college.And if this wasn’t enough, students can arrange visits to the college, request information on how the college can help them overcome their disabilities and even apply to college directly through the Interactive Prospectus.

Liviu Manda, Marketing Specialist at Hereward College, commented: ‘We are truly excited about iP and we hope that our readers will be as excited as we are. The college is constantly looking for new ways to promote not just its curriculum offering, but its specialist facilities and services for students with learning and physical disabilities which enable them to have major breakthroughs, both academically and in their social and personal life. We hope that by embracing new media platforms in a fun, creative and stimulating way, prospective students will see the true value of Hereward College.”

To support the Interactive Magazine, the College has also created a print version and will develop a small Pocket Prospectus, which will provide a summary of the information in the magazine. Additionally, the Pocket Prospectus will feature QR Codes, giving students the opportunity to use their smartphones to watch the videos featured in the prospectus.

Liviu added: “We have definitely taken our prospectus to an entirely different level. Working with BFIG Media, our mission was to create an unique, fun experience for students who are potentially interested in coming to Hereward. By giving consideration to the latest technological opportunities which are available and by using outside the box creative thinking, we hope we have managed to achieve just that.

To view the Interactive Prospectus and discover what Hereward College has to offer, simply visit

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