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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hereward College and the NMC partner up

The Neuromuscular Centre (NMC) Midlands is a charity which aims to set up a centre in the West Midlands area, where adults with neuromuscular conditions can access regular physiotherapy and support. There is an existing centre in Cheshire, which is the inspiration behind this project, although the two centres will operate as separate organisations.

The Midlands charity has been looking for a location for the centre, from which they will develop the service and fundraise for equipment and resources. An agreement has been made that the Midlands Centre will be based at Hereward College and that the intention is for the centre to be operational from August 2012. 

The centre is particularly necessary in the West Midlands area, where millions of pounds are being wasted on emergency admissions for patients with muscle disease. These admissions cause huge distress to patients and their families and can be incredibly damaging to their health, at huge and unnecessary costs to the taxpayers.

The centre will operate from a room near to the reception of the College and will work in partnership with Hereward's therapy team to deliver a range of therapies including physiotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, and deep tissue massage amongst others, which will enhance the benefits achieved by on-going treatment and care. The Centre’s users will be able to access support and information on a wide range of subjects including benefits, equipment, wheelchairs, also advice on the practicalities of house adaptations, and suitable transport.  The centre will cover all of the West Midlands, however clients are expected to come from much further in order to access the facilities that will be on offer.

The centre has the backing of a wide range of professionals, including health care consultants and has more long term aims of supporting the work of the centre by creating work experience and training opportunities and social enterprises for some of its service users. College courses and training opportunities for people with muscle disease will be also be available through Hereward College, which has the necessary expertise, facilities and assistive technology required by people with muscle diseases.

Hereward College and the NMC Midlands are inviting local schools, clubs, organisations, businesses and individuals dealing with neuromuscular conditions, to become involved and be part of this new and exciting project in order to bring these much needed specialised services for people with neuromuscular conditions.

Jon Clugston, Vice Principal of Student Progression and Independence at Hereward College, had the following to say: “We have come such a long way and the NMC Midlands will soon be a reality! We urge people with muscle diseases to get involved and help us in any way they can, as this will be their Neuromuscular Centre."

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