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Monday, 28 May 2012

Hereward Spirit present at Coventry Fun Run

A group of 30 people, both students and staff from Hereward College took part in the Coventry Fun Run last weekend. They braved the sweltering heat to complete the course and most of all, they had fun doing so! 

The event was organised by Martin Berisford and Matt Jarvis in a collaboration which managed to bring the college together and raise £600 (Currently!) for both MENCAP and Friends of Hereward. 

The event itself got off to a belter with everybody getting in the full spirit of things and joining in with the rest of the participants! Along the way the group faced some problems but in true Hereward Spirit, they overcame all the issues they faced and made it to the finish line as one, big team.
It was evident that everybody was determined to finish and persevere right until the very end because ultimately, they all wanted to finish it! After crossing the finishing line though and enjoying all the applause that goes with it, the group from Hereward sat down and had a nice relaxing drink and congratulated each other.

There was a lot of fun to be had as the whole day was marked with laughter, jokes and good disposition.

Martin Berisford, one of the main organisers of the event said this about the day “It was a fantastic day and it was brilliant to see people making the effort to do the very best they could. I’d like to thank my teachers, Matt Jarvis & the Sports department in general and of course, to everyone involved for making the day what it was, you should all be proud!”

You can see all the pictures from the event here.

There will be a celebration taking place for all involved in the event this Thursday at the Jubilee party where we will be handing out prizes and certificates to all involved. Also happening is a big raffle, open to everyone in the college to take part! Why not pop along and see if you’re the lucky winner? If you were involved in the fun run, you get free entry to the jubilee party, so all the more reason to come down and have fun!

Thanks to everyone who took part, we couldn’t have done it without you! Don’t forget to hand in all your sponsorship money to the Business Studies Reception if you haven’t already! Let’s raise that total! 

Without the help of various businesses though, we would not have been able to offer everything we did. We would like to give a special thanks to the following businesses.

Village Hotel
DDC Training Services
Nursery Tavern
Craven Arms
Nadine & Donna Hornsey
Complete Residential Lettings

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Hereward College organizes the Calvert Trust Trip

The Calvert Trust enables people with disabilities to achieve their potential through the challenge of outdoor adventure in the countryside. In the last couple of years, Hereward College has been working in partnership with the Calvert Trust to organize trips for its students.

Since the trips have had such a huge success in the past, Hereward students return every year, knowing they will have an action packed holiday. The students get the change to enjoy the exceptional natural beauty of the countryside without having to worry about accessibility issues.

You can see all the pictures from the event here.

Here’s how the trip went:

Monday 7th May
A group of 8 students plus 6 staff set off at 9.15am to take part in an outward bound adventure in Cumbria at the Calvert Trust.  The group reached their destination at approximately 2.15pm.  After a short induction and meeting with trust staff, they settled into their rooms, ate their evening meal and had a swimming session in the Calvert Trust state of the art swimming pool.

The group woke up early at 8.30 eager to start their adventure, but after a scrumptious breakfast, their plans were derailed when it started raining.  This wasn’t going to stop them though; the whole group put on their waterproofs, got out of their wheelchairs and went out together abseiling down a quarry face using lots of harnesses and ropes. It was fun and scary at the same time.  This was followed in the evening by another swimming session or a visit to the sensory room.

The group split up into two smaller groups during this day as every student was able to choose from a range of activities including a combination of horse riding, archery, orienteering in the Grizedale Forest and canoeing across Bassenthwaite Lake. Even though it was still raining, which made it a very wet experience, the students had an awesome day.

The whole group went out together, to a disused airfield to experience a variety of different cycles.  Students really loved this activity even though it was pouring with rain and very windy.  Later on, the group enjoyed a social evening and a disco.

After everyone finished packing, the morning was spent in the Sports Hall, for a group activity using high swing/zip lines. The exercise provoked lots of screaming but at the same time laughter from all youngsters. Following lunch, the students went back to the buss and after a long journey they arrived back at the college at 6.15 pm.

Mandy Price, Physiotherapy Technical Instructor at Hereward College, had the following to say:
‘The Calvert Trust brings enrichment in the life of our students through adventure and personal achievement.’
‘We love working with the Calvert Trust because they are on the same mission as Hereward College, which is to provide an accessible and holistic environment by removing physical and attitudinal barriers.’
For more information about events and activities organised by Hereward College, please visit our annual report.

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Friday, 18 May 2012

Queen's Jubilee Event

 With the Queen’s jubilee approaching fast and people up and down the country getting ready to celebrate, a bunch of Business students didn’t want Hereward to miss out on the fun! On the 31st May you can come and join us and others down in Café Mojo’s for an afternoon of tea, scones and fun! 

The afternoon is all about celebrating Britain, its Queen and most importantly, showing a little bit of that Hereward college spirit and having a great time! The event promises to be a great one and you will be able to do a lot more than just pop by for a drink because where is the fun in that?

We have a plethora of different things happening throughout the afternoon for you to get stuck into including, a raffle with the best of British prizes, live music from the students and also some rather tasty scones to munch on. However, we’ve saved the best until last; the first 100 people through the door can get their hands on 100 specially made mugs which are a great keepsake for this important, British occasion. What could be better than that? All this for just a 50p entrance fee! We’re sure you’ll have an afternoon to remember.

If you’re interested and you want to come to the event, make a stop at the Business Studies Reception and enquire about purchasing a ticket for just 50P for one of the best afternoons you will ever have!  The event will be held in Café Mojos at half two until three ‘o’ clock and costs 50p for entrance.

Join the event on Facebook

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hereward Students win Best Team Programme Award

Hereward College students, Clint Glover, Paul Brown and Jay Joshy, have won the award for the Best Team Programme at the Coventry & North Warwickshire Area Awards Event 2012 on 26 April.

“Our team was over the moon to get recognition for the hard work we have done so far” declared Jay Joshy, Marketing Director.

The students set up their company, Quality Moments, after taking part in a Young Enterprise scheme that enables young people in schools to start their own business for a year. The boys selected several ranges of sweets which would represent their slogan ‘Made with love, affection starts here’, designed the packaging and assembled a stall where they would sell the sweets.

The award event was hosted by Young Enterprise ambassadors, Dom and Tom, at Coventry University, where several teams from different colleges presented their business ideas and products.

Clint, Paul and Jay presented their report about Quality Moments to the three judges and answered questions from the judges and the other teams. Even though they were nervous at first, because they had never experienced speaking in front of such a big audience before, the students managed to do a great presentation and were awarded with the Best Team Programme.

“We felt challenged as our boundaries were pushed, but now we feel we are more confident in speaking in front of a large audience” declared Paul Brown, Sales Director.

Finally, Clint Glover, Managing director, wanted to add that “We felt that the team efforts paid off – as we won an award!”

The Young Enterprise Programme is delivered at Hereward College through the OCR Award or Certificate for Young Enterprise Qualification in our Business Curriculum. For more information or to apply to the course please click here.

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