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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hereward College organises customer service trip to Tesco

As part of their NVQ Customer Service course, students from Hereward College often have to visit business organisations in order to gain experience and perspective about what their jobs will consist of once they finish college and enter employment.

Joanne Manser, a teacher at Hereward College and organiser of customer service events, agrees that students need a link between what they are studying within their course and what will be their first job. As training is becoming more and more important and as students are expected by employers to have work experience before getting paid jobs, the need for work experience trips and voluntary work is also becoming much more important.

While on the trip, the group looked around different departments including customer service, the warehouse, on-line shopping, the reycyling area and the delivery area. Tesco employees presented all the departments and explained to students the tasks that are involved within several jobs which are related to customer service.

The students felt the trip gave them a reality check on how busy customer service really is and that the keys for coping with the high expectations are outstanding organisational skills and interpersonal skills. They understood that good quality and consistent customer service will lead to happy customers and happy customers will lead to a relaxed atmosphere and will give them a sense of fulfilment.

Clint, a customer service student at Hereward College, wanted to underline the importance of teamwork: ‘If all the staff work together as a team, the results will be much better and jobs will actually be easier!’

To top it all off, the students received a surprise from the Tesco Store. As the Coca Cola lorry was just unloading some cargo, the students were treated to free Coke!

Kerry, another student, wanted to conclude the trip with the following: ‘It was a great day! We learned a lot and had a lot of fun! The free Coke was the cherry on top!'

Hereward College offers customer service course as part of the Business and ICT curiculum. If you would like to find out more about Customer Service Courses at Hereward College click here or contact admissions:, 02476 426173

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