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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hereward College goes interactive for prospective students

In the new era of digital publishing, Hereward College is one of the first colleges in the country to take its prospectus to another level, by creating an online, interactive magazine.

The Interactive Prospectus, called iP, has been developed in collaboration with media and design company BFIG Media, in Birmingham, and gives prospective students an unique experience when browsing through a prospectus.

iP is a digital prospectus, through which potential students can establish an initial interaction with the college, learn about the range of courses, apprenticeships and independence programmes at Hereward, and see the specialist facilities and services available for students with diverse and complex support requirements.

The Interactive Magazine features videos of each of the College’s curriculum areas, including Business, ICT, Creative and Media, Physical Education and Skills for Life, its training offering for employers and employees in the Care Sector, as well as films about the college’s specialist support services, the college life for current students and other useful information for new students before enrolling to college.And if this wasn’t enough, students can arrange visits to the college, request information on how the college can help them overcome their disabilities and even apply to college directly through the Interactive Prospectus.

Liviu Manda, Marketing Specialist at Hereward College, commented: ‘We are truly excited about iP and we hope that our readers will be as excited as we are. The college is constantly looking for new ways to promote not just its curriculum offering, but its specialist facilities and services for students with learning and physical disabilities which enable them to have major breakthroughs, both academically and in their social and personal life. We hope that by embracing new media platforms in a fun, creative and stimulating way, prospective students will see the true value of Hereward College.”

To support the Interactive Magazine, the College has also created a print version and will develop a small Pocket Prospectus, which will provide a summary of the information in the magazine. Additionally, the Pocket Prospectus will feature QR Codes, giving students the opportunity to use their smartphones to watch the videos featured in the prospectus.

Liviu added: “We have definitely taken our prospectus to an entirely different level. Working with BFIG Media, our mission was to create an unique, fun experience for students who are potentially interested in coming to Hereward. By giving consideration to the latest technological opportunities which are available and by using outside the box creative thinking, we hope we have managed to achieve just that.

To view the Interactive Prospectus and discover what Hereward College has to offer, simply visit

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Seasons Greetings from Hereward College!

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hereward College students excel in work experience placements with Sainsbury’s.

Two students from Hereward College looking to carve out a career in the retail and business industry undertook a week long work placement with Sainsbury’s supermarket in Canley, Coventry.

Working in partnership with the College, the stores H.R manager Paul Clayton along with store trainer Jill Sheffield devised a timetable of activities that would enhance and develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of the world of work.

Students were given guidance on travel arrangements; self-management and interview skills before the placement and during their time in the store developed an understanding of the different departments and array of possible roles that could be made available to them once they leave full time education. James Stewart and Hassan Ali were looking to work as stock assistants but since their time with the store they are hoping to progress into other roles. James Stewart said ‘ At first I was nervous but now I would really like to move into a career of store security, I didn’t realise how much work goes into keeping a store like Sainsburys safe.’

Sainsbury’s has seen this placement as a success and are looking to allow more students with disabilities onto this unique programme. Store Trainer Jill Sheffield commented that ‘The two students were keen and enthusiastic and a pleasure to have in store.

Hereward College is looking to work with more organisations to promote disability in the workplace and allow students to understand the world of work.

If you believe your organisation could also benefit from a unique work placements programme please contact Tilly Absalom on

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Friday, 30 November 2012

Hereward College staff become CECOPS Approved Trainers for Community Disability Equipment

Three senior members of staff from Hereward College, a general FE College in Coventry with specialist facilities and services for students with physical and learning disabilities, have recently undergone training and were successful in becoming CECOPS Approved Trainers for the use of Community Disability Equipment.

 Community equipment, also known as assistive technology, is provided to disabled people and is vital in promoting their independence, safety, social inclusion and quality of life. This equipment helps disabled people of all ages to overcome barriers in their daily life and get on with the tasks otherwise taken for granted. It helps to give people control over their own lives. It is provided by health and social care organisations, special schools, care homes, domiciliary care providers and others.

 Hereward College has about 400 students with physical and learning disabilities, many of whom use community equipment for therapeutic, mobility, communication, educational, environmental, independence and rehabilitation needs. The college makes extensive use of community equipment including electronic communicators, environmental controls, telecare and access control equipment.

 The accreditation was awarded to Hereward College by CECOPS C.I.C. (Community Equipment Code of Practice Scheme) the responsible body for managing registration, training and accreditation of commissioners and providers of community equipment in the UK. Notably the Chair of CECOPS, Sir Bert Massie CBE, was once a student of Hereward College.

 CECOPS is set to become the national standard for all sectors responsible for commissioning and providing community disability equipment; it is already officially supported by the Health and Safety Executive, Care Quality Commission, Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, College of Occupational Therapists and many others.

Concerning CECOPS and the Code of Practice it promotes, the Health and Safety Executive said, “HSE recognises the need for guidance, and welcomes the code of practice…The code will help organisations who commission or provide community equipment make health and safety improvements in their businesses.”

CECOPS’ CEO, Brian Donnelly, said, “It was a privilege to have been asked by Hereward College to train some members of its staff. CECOPS seeks to build its reputation on delivering an all-round good quality service and by having a reputable and established organisation such as Hereward College on-board as one of its Approved Trainers will undoubtedly help us in realising this aim.”

 With this achievement, the College will be able to provide a formally recognized and credible training programme covering all aspects of commissioning, providing and the clinical and professional responsibilities of assistive technology. Additionally, the accreditation will allow the college to improve the quality of service of assessing students’ assistive technology needs and providing the most appropriate assistive technology solutions.

 Paul Doyle, Access, Research and Development Manager at Hereward College, and now a CECOPS Approved Trainer, said: Having worked in Assistive Technology service provision for nearly twenty years I find it particularly reassuring to be involved with a code of practice that protects both the user and the provider in equal measure and is based on an inclusive, person centred approach.

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Friday, 23 November 2012

Care Quality Commission recognises highest standards of care at Hereward College

Hereward College’s high standards of care have been recently recognised in a published report by the Care Quality Commission, the official regulator of health and social care in England. Apart from its non-residential provision, the College offers accommodation with specialist facilities to students with a wide range of learning and physical difficulties and/or disabilities.

After the last inspection at the end of October, Hereward has been found to be compliant in all areas that were inspected, which is a fantastic achievement and a testament to Hereward’s sustained improvements over the last few years. The inspection consisted of checking how people were cared for at different stages of their treatment and discussions with care staff.

The CQC highlighted the fact that the college’s biggest improvement in the way it delivers its care services is how it fully involves students in expressing their views as to what is important to them in relation to their care needs. One students said "the college is good at recognising people's individual needs; they accept everyone, the students and everyone else". The commission also observed that students were being treated with dignity and respect, as one student highlighted "the staff ask us for our opinions…yes I think they do listen to what I say".

Another positive was the fact that staff have received training to help identify and understand what to do in case of safeguarding issues and students pointed out that they feel safe at College. Good care planning and assessment records which ensure the safety and well-being of students were also considered a big positive.

Additionally, care and nursing needs were properly met with sufficient staff on duty, who have been well trained to understand the individual needs of students, both physical and emotional. This was backed up by a student who affirmed that "we have consistent staff, they have different titles, some are care support, some are mentors, and there are also nurses…staff work in the same flats so we get to know them pretty well".

Last but not least, the Care Quality Commission pointed out that good recruitment practices ensure people who worked in the college were safe to work with students. The college had good systems in place to assess and monitor the quality of residential provision and care support provided to students living on campus.

Jon Clugston, Vice Principal of Student Independence and Progression said:
“This is indeed a great achievement for Hereward College; over the last couple of years, the quality of our care services has improved greatly, partly due to a change in how we tailor our services according to students’ individual needs. We realise that each student is different and has different needs therefore a bespoke service is required for each student. We must carefully listen to their views and work with them to be able to meet and even exceed their expectations.”
“Another reason for our achievement is due to the integrated approach we use for our care service, with care enablers, education enablers, nurses, mentors, youth workers and counsellors all working together as a team in order to develop students’ independence and progression.”

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Work Experience Opportunity: Kids Run Free

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Students show off their skills at Hereward College Open Day

Hereward College is hosting an Open Day for prospective students and parents on Wednesday 7 November 2012, between 10 am and 4 pm.

The recent publication, ‘Offers of education or training for 16- to 17-year olds’ from the Department of Education mentions that students will be required to stay in education or training until the age of 17 by 2012 and 18 by 2015. Recognising the effect this will have on post-16 year olds, Hereward College will be hosting its first official Open Day in the last 10 years and is expecting a record number of atendees at the event.

The College tailors study programmes to meet individual needs, including activities that are aimed at developing independent living skills, skills of self-advocacy and study skills as well as nationally recognised qualifications in Creative Arts, Media, Drama and Music, Business, Information Communication Technology, Physical Education and Personal Progress. The College also offers Training and Apprenticeships within all areas and levels of the care sector. FE Choices, the official site for comparing the performance of Further Education colleges, recently highlighted the exceptional performance of Hereward, with 88.9% of 16-18 year old students passing their FE course in 2010/2011, outstripping all other FE Colleges in Coventry and Warwickshire.

In addition to campus tours and discussions with current students and tutors about courses, prospective students will also be offered talks on the practicalities of college life, covering everything from finance to residential accommodation to specialist support requirements including assistive technology, physiotherapy, conductive education, occupational therapy, care and education enabling, social and emotional support and counselling.

Current students from various curriculum areas will showcase the skills they have gained while at College, including Drama and Music performances, a printing workshop, video productions, ICT demonstrations, team building games and entrepreneurial activities from the Young Enterprise, coaching demonstrations for cricket, tennis, football, martial arts, judo and fencing, a wheelchair football match and cooking demonstrations.

Martin Berisford, current media student at the College said:
“I’ve always been proud of my college and have welcomed the opportunity to represent it. I don’t think many students realise the progress they can make by enrolling at Hereward, but hopefully they’ll get a glimpse of that during our Open Day.”

Sheila Fleming, Principal and Chief Executive at Hereward College said:
“Open days are a great chance for the College to show prospective students the success they can achieve by studying here and there’s no better way to demonstrate this than by showcasing the skills that our current students have gained during their College experience.”

Prospective students can register for the event at . Alternatively, they can contact the admissions department on 0247 6426 173 or to register.

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Work Experience Opportunity: Raceways

Raceways is a Event Management  Organisation which funds and  supports the charity Kids Run Free

We require race marshals for our  Shakespeare Run on 17/11/12 and we would love Hereward Students to come and help us.

If you think you could help us, please contact Tilly Absalom in Student Services who will pass on your details or email me directly at

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


On Tuesday 16th October 2012 Hereward College has welcomed a visit from Edward Timpson MP, the Parliamentary under Secretary of State (Children & Families).  Mr Timpson was appointed to his ministerial position following the recent re-shuffle and one of his main responsibilities will be taking forward the proposed new special educational needs legislation.

The Minister has met with students and staff at the Tile Hill based College and has been given a tour of the campus to get a flavour of the provision offered.  Sheila Fleming, Principal and Chief Executive, said before the visit, The Minister’s visit will give us a great opportunity to showcase all that's great about the College.  We strive for excellence in ensuring that students have many opportunities to develop their potential, and shape their own futures, through a very diverse range of personal, cultural, sporting and vocational activities.  I am sure the Minister will find the visit enjoyable and informative, particularly in the context of the Government’s agenda around Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and funding reforms, which are the most significant changes in over 30 years.  Our students are looking forward to meeting Edward Timpson MP and giving him an insight into the issues they face on a daily basis as well as sharing their experiences as learners at Hereward College.”

More Pictures from the event can be found here:

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Hereward Halloween Ball

Hey guys and ghouls, you are invited to the Hereward Halloween Ball on Saturday 20th October at 7.30pm! Get your best costume on and come along to our disco - the bar will be open too. All students are welcome, including day students.

Tickets cost £3 in advance or £4 on the night.

If you'd like to buy a ticket, please see AJ Coyne, Brendan Chivasa, Matt Jarvis, Jenny Garlic or Nicky in the youth worker's office.

Join the event on Facebook to get the latest updates about the event:

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