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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Acorns Youngsters have awesome time at Hereward College

Acorns Children's Hospice is a charity organisation that provides care and support for children and young people who have life limiting or life threatening conditions. Acorns is currently supporting nearly 600 children and 800 families, including those who are bereaved. Their specialist nursing and support services provide a vital lifeline for these families who would face a much tougher challenge coping alone.

Hereward College hosted three Acorns Youngsters (Jorden, Adikah, Ollie) who are considering going to college. Our objective was to exhibit what college life is all about and what opportunities are waiting for them if they decide to go to college. 

During their visit, the youngsters have been accommodated in one of our residential blocks and we have planned a full week of activities for them, which can be seen here.

The whole gang had an awesome time and told us that after this experience they are strongly considering coming to Hereward College next year. The things they liked the most during the visit were the support offered by staff which were extremely friendly and helpful, and the fact that it was so easy for them to make new friends with a lot of students which shared many similar interests.
We have also produced a DVD with interviews and activities during the week, which can be seen here:

As you can see in the video, the youngsters had a lot of fun while working out and playing games in our sport facilities. They were also pleased with the fact that the college is 100% wheelchair accessible, since this is a big issue in their lives and they thought this was a big positive for Hereward College. Ollie wanted to add that he is almost sure he will be attending Hereward College next year because he wants to become as independent as possible despite his disability.

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Friday, 9 December 2011

Hereward College attends the International Day of Disabled People 2011

Last Thursday (01.12.2011), students from Hereward College (Clint, Lea-Anne) have attended the International Day of Disabled People Event at the St Peters Centre in Hillfields, along with Education Enabler, Wendy.

The objective of the event was to increase the understanding of the issues around disabilities and attention to the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. The event also aimed to increase the awareness of the gains for everybody if disabled persons are integrated into all aspects of political, social, economic and cultural life and raising money for resources for persons with disabilities.

The event began with Coventry’s legendary Lady Godiva saying a few words about the International Day of Disabled people and then taking group pictures with the attendees.
Once this was over, our students wanted to take advantage of this opportunity in order to raise awareness about how Hereward College can help people overcome their disabilities and become a responsible and productive member of society. 
The students were responsible with preparing a stall, which represented the college, handing out the Prospectus, DVDs and promotional pens to attendees and responding to queries regarding the college. They managed to do an outstanding job of presenting a positive image of the college and themselves, making sure that the stall was looking presentable, responding promptly and courteously, and providing useful and comprehensive information to any queries.

Clint had the following to say: ‘It was a great event, very informative. I was happy to support my college and spread awareness about the great opportunities that future students can expect.’

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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hereward College joins Warwick University for tennis exhibition

Hereward College has been involved in a successful Wheelchair Tennis project at The University of Warwick.  As part of the project, the University has organised for an exhibition session by 2 national players who will play a game and then work with our students for the remainder of the session.

Bellow you can see the activities planned for the event which will go of this Friday (09.12.2011)

2.30 - 3.00pm             Demonstration match.  We can watch from the balcony or from the next door court.
3.00 - 3.30pm             On court session with Hereward College pupils joining in with the players
3.30 - 4.30pm             We have another hour with one court where anyone wanting to stay on for a little longer to hit it with the players

If you would like to participate in this event please contact for more details

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Jamie Hamilton - Pre Paralimpic Test Event

Friday 25th November, , Eight of the country's best fencers were selected to take part in a
Pre Paralympic Test Event, at the actual venue where the Paralympic & Olympic fencing will take place (Excel London). We were treated like stars from the moment we arrived at the 4 * hotel on the Thursday night. On the day of the event we arrived there early to get our official passes and get signed in.
There was loads of willing volunteers there to assist our every whim and need! We practically had to lift a finger throughout the day.
The competition itself was split into a team and individual event for foil weapon and individual competition for sabre. I had prepared well for the event during the weeks previously and felt really good and up for the competition.
My first fight in the individual foil competition was against one of the top 3 women and beat her 5-2, the following fight was against the ladies number 1 and lost to her 5-2, I then fought the ladies number 2 and beat her 5-3 I won my next two fights quite comfortably against two of the upcoming male fencers. My final fight was against the ladies number 4 and beat her 5-4. Which put me in 2nd place for the foil, my best result to date!
In the team event I was put with the top two foil fencers in GB. It was my first team event and was gruelling, with both teams evenly matched.. We went into the final round of matches down 40-39. Both of the final fencers were fencing brilliantly and with one point to go the score was tied at 44 each. Our team captain pulled out a speedy attack and won the final match 45-44!
In the afternoon I took part in the sabre and won my first fight against one of the rising male fencers and beat him convincingly 5-1, my next fight was against the current number 1 class B fencer and matched him point for point right up to the final point and he beat me 5-4! my next fight was against another experienced male fencer and this time my concentration lapsed and I made a shambles of the fight losing 5-1. Going into my final fight I was up against the current number male fencer, who I had previously always lost to convincingly on every occasion, But I was feeling confident, calm and relaxed and went into a 3-0 lead. My opponent then pulled some very good shots out and brought it back to 4-3. I guess I tried to hard at this point and lost the next point making it 4-4. With the final point I had seconds to think about what to do and decided to go for a a feint attack, however my opponent had other ideas and went for the simple option and went straight through the middle, hitting me milliseconds before I hit him ! I lost the fight but coming 2nd wasn't a bad result under the circumstances and has spurred me on to do better as I can see I'm not too far away from the top now and know exactly what I have to do to win next time.
All in all it was a good day and having seen the venue and knowing what it will look like and feel like when the Paralympics comes around, has encouraged me to go for my dream even more. The only thing missing was the crowds, and their cheering and encouragement should give any of the GB fencers an added advantage., Just being in the same hall on Friday gave me a fantastic buzz and almost had tears in my eyes! Who knows what I'll be like if I get to be there next year!!

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