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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Peer Support Team from Hereward College says ‘No to bullying’

The Anti-Bullying Week has become a key date in the annual calendar for thousands of schools and colleges, and Hereward College took part in this national event by organising activities and events to raise the awareness on the issues of bullying inside the College.

The PST (Peer Support Team), a group of students who help and support new students at the College, raised concerns about the negative use of language in the College and the wider community. With the help of their coordinators, Cyntia G Laycy - assistant educational psychologist, Rachel Brindley - youth worker, Dayna Donnelly – mentor and Linda Allden-West - counsellor, the objective of the group, during the week, was to deliver the message to Hereward students that derogatory language – words and expressions that are homophobic, racist, sexist or disabilist and seek to demean particular groups and individuals, should not find their way in the College.

The events organised by the PST included having a petition on a big notice board where people could sign their name and add any thoughts they would like to share with others about bullying. Visitors to the college were also invited to sign the petition.  This was a great success around the college, as you can see in the photo, so it was decided to leave the display on the notice board for a while longer to enable people who had not already signed up have the opportunity. 

Other events included making T-shirts with messages against bullying which were spread around the college; encouraging students to write down words that have hurt them and then burning all the upsetting words; watching movies followed by discussions; playing bullying themed board games; and finally, offering free hand massages to relieve stress. All the events were highly successful and students agreed they had a great time while learning something very important. "I enjoyed it and it taught me a lot!" said Steph Merrison, member of the PST.

And if these weren’t enough, the PST organised and took part in a sponsored walk to help raise funds for Childline, a charity which helps the most vulnerable children in society. The walk took place at the Memorial Park in Coventry, which has a circular path that runs alongside the park boundary and each lap of the park is 1.6 miles in distance. The PST managed to complete a lap and has raised £265 until now, with the donations running until the 19th of December. Charlotte Shakespeare, another member of the PST wanted to add that she ‘(…) thought it was good to get out of college to show what we are doing, and also raise money for a very good cause." 

The fundraiser will be held until the 19th of December and donations can be made by following this link: .

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