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Friday, 25 November 2011

Jamie Hamilton - Fencing career and aspirations

Welcome to my blog about my fencing career and aspirations. I am currently ranked 4th in Great Britain for Sabre and 5th for foil weapons. This year Hereward College kindly agreed to sponsor me in my ambitions to get into the National Squad (I have to be in the top 3 to get in the squad). Hereward's support has enabled me to step up  my training so I am able to take advantage of facilities and equipment that  squad members have free access to. This has meant that I am able to fence every day of the week and go to the gym every day as well, so I am fitter than ever! My diet has changed also - out go the fries and burgers and in with the vegetables and pastas! Along with these, I am regularly seeing a Chiropractor and Sports Masseur so I can keep myself flexible and free from injury. I am also using top quality equipment now, which is stronger and more flexible than standard.

As a result of the training I have been doing, my results in competitions is getting better each time and am rarely out of the top 4 places in sabre, which puts me in a good position for getting selected sooner rather than later.

My long-term ambition is to be selected for the Paralympics. As I have not been long in the sport, I may not make it in time for London, but I am aiming for Brasil in 2016. I have recently been selected to take part in a test event for London 2012 on November 25th and only the top 8 fencers in the country are going there so I am playing with the big boys now! My next competition is on December 10th in Sheffield and is the British National Fencing Championships, a good result there will most definitely put me in the spotlight.

I will keep you informed on this blog of my progress and believe me if I am selected you will be the first to know!! (I'll be the one dancing on the roof!)

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  1. What an achievement, keep it up.

  2. Greeting from Finland, you are very good!

  3. Thanks, I'll keep you informed of my progress

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