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Monday, 14 November 2011

Hereward organises events for the Antibullying Week!

As you might have heard, this week is National Anti-bullying Week 2011 (14-18 November).  With the slogan ‘Stop and think – words can hurt’ this year’s campaign from the Antibullying Alliance is focused on tackling verbal bullying. 

Hereward College is taking part in this event by organising activities to raise the awareness on the issues of bullying in college.

The PST (Peer Support Team), a group of students who help and support new students at the college, has organised all the activities with assistance from the college staff. They also organised a sponsored walk to help raise funds for Childline, a charity organisation who aids the most vulnerable children in society. Click HERE for more details.

Please click on the above picture to find out more information about all the activities, which have been organised by the PST.

Our students have also made a video where students and staff are interviewed about how bullying has affected their lives. Click HERE to access the video.

If you would to donate for ChildLine and help the most vulnerable children of society please click HERE!

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