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Friday, 21 October 2011

Students from Hereward College visit Godiva Imaging

On the 14th of October, several students from Hereward College visited Godiva Imaging.
Godiva Imaging specialises in the document management industry through Analogue to Digital Technology. Because of continual investment into web technology and 26 years of experience, Godiva is now in a position to introduce one of the most cost effective web solutions in the country.  

Godiva are a family business and this is the first time they had been involved with a college or for that matter an outside organisation. Andy Pyatt was invited to the Students Breakfast meeting a few weeks ago and was very impressed with what he saw in the College. The enthusiasm and commitment shown by students was great with a wide variety of activities for him to look at.  Andy had the following to say:

‘I was very pleased to be invited by the students to their breakfast club meeting recently and found the trip very rewarding and informative. I was especially impressed by how the students do not let their various disabilities stop them from trying to achieve their maximum potential and the enthusiasm that came from the morning was very infectious. I was also impressed with the structure of the college, as able-bodied students are encouraged to attend and how this is a good mix, which I am sure, does allot for breaking down the barriers and prejudices that so often face people with disabilities. The college should be proud of its students and their conduct. ‘

He then offered his services and said he would be happy to show the students around the Godiva Imaging facilities and explain what the company does. The objective of the visit was to teach students about the forms of communication the Godiva Imaging company has with its clients.

Once the students arrived at Godiva, Andy did a brief presentation about what the company does and about the benefits that the clients get from using their services. Students where then walked through the process of how clients’ documents are scanned and made digital, and then returned on CDs or via the internet.
Students also had the opportunity to see the equipment working and look at the I.T. infrastructure. Lastly, Andy showed the students different types of emails that Godiva sends and receives each day regarding marketing sales leads and communication with clients.

Another visit to Godiva Imaging will be organised soon, as there are more students who are interested in visiting the company. If you are a student at Hereward College and are interested in participating in this event let us know in a comment and we will give you all the details for the next trip!

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