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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hereward College receives 'Good' Grade from Ofstead

Staff and students were delighted to receive their best Ofsted Report to date this week. Ofsted said that Hereward is a good college with outstanding features. This year the College received the highest grade out of all the colleges in Coventry which is a major accomplishment!

In particular, students' safety, students' involvement and the college's collaborative approach were all described as outstanding. Also highlighted were the new teaching facilities and the good progress made by students in achieving their qualifications (with success rates in the top 10%) and developing skills for independence and employment.

Students' views are collected by the inspectors and these were also very positive. Students enjoy becoming independent away from home, they feel safe and secure, enjoy the interesting and fun enrichment activities and good facilities. They like the fact there is always someone to help you if you have a problem, without taking away independence and being able to get involved with things in and outside the college.

Local parents, employers and partners commented on the responsive nature of the College, its willingness to share specialist resources and skills and its collaborative approach. The fact that the College will go the extra mile to make things work is appreciated by all who have contact with Hereward.
With all the improvements we made to our College this year, we hope to achieve the 'Outstanding' Grade for our next report.
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