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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hereward College is a collection point for Coventry West Credit Union Limited

The Coventry West Credit Union Limited is a financial co-operative owned and controlled by its members. It is run by a board of volunteer directors who are elected by the members at the Anual General Meeting.

A credit union might be more suitable for students for the following reasons:
  • you have the flexibility to save what you can, when you can
  • you are having difficulty to open an account with a high street bank or building society
  • a credit union can help you get your finances under control. They are usually more willing to help if you have a low income, or do not have a previous record or borrowing
  • they encourage people to save money on a regular basis
  • they accept small amounts and are willing to lend small amounts
  • interest rates are low
Hereward College has recently become a collection point for the Union in order to:

  • Provide work experience for students
  • Develop numeracy skills for students
  • Develop Customer Service skills for students
  • Promote independence (i.e. budgeting)
  • Provide a safer way to save for staff and students
Hereward College does not charge a joining fee or use the prepayment card. 
We are open for collection of money every day at the Business Studies Center but the money is counted and banked by the NVQ Customer Service Students on Wednesday morning.

For more information find us at the Business Studies Center or contact Ingrid Terry (

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